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After many months of iterations, tweaks and incremental improvements, The Happy Home Company's overall website design had gotten pretty overgrown and its UX flows more than a little bit confusing. It was definitely time to trim the trees!

The solution: a complete redesign of the website from the ground up. We took into account the valuable lessons learned from numerous recent experiments, including the success of text messaging with Happy Now, and rebranded The Happy Home Company under the more streamlined moniker Happy Home.

My first task was to reimagine the logo. What I had developed for Happy Now had served the company well, and since those successes were now going to be fully integrated into the main product and branding, it was a no brainer to adapt it to fit the new name Happy Home.


Happy Home Logo, happyhome.co

The next task was to establish the ground rules for the new design. I developed the new look and feel of the site with a carefully considered style guide that would become the backbone of the redesign effort going forward. In the interest of time, I wrote the CSS stylesheet myself and did the bulk of the initial webdev, designing mostly in the browser as I went.

The new look was a cleaner and more modern than any we had tried previously.


Web styleguide, happyhome.co


Home page, happyhome.co


Tablet layout, happyhome.co

In addition to overall improvements to the look and feel of the site as a whole, one of the major enhancements we made was to the customer dashboard. The primary goal was to encourage users to return to their dashboards more often as a central part of their experience with Happy Home.

One way we set out to do this was by providing users with a more streamlined, consolidated view of their current jobs, as well as a simpler way to create new jobs, chat with their home manager and manage their account - right from their own personalized dashboard.


Customer dashboard, happyhome.co


Add a Job modal, happyhome.co


Edit account page, happyhome.co

We had also learned from Happy Now, as well as subsequent iterations of the site, that our customers really valued chat (both SMS and web chat) as a method of communicating with their home managers about projects around the house. For this reason, web chat was also given a facelift and remained a central tool accessible directly from the dashboard.


Chat page, happyhome.co

Another new addition was ‘Smart Suggestions’ - a rotating list of suggested jobs tailored to the individual needs of each user. Which suggested jobs users saw were based on factors like location and activity.


Suggested jobs, happyhome.co

Year: 2015
Client: The Happy Home Company

  • Walker Design Did:
  • Product
  • UX
  • UI
  • Visuals
  • Logo
  • Webdev
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A short video about what The Happy Home Company is and how it works

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