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Happy Now Brand Identity

Early into working as designer with The Happy Home Company, I lead a rebranding effort for a new service called Happy Now. The new offering represented a fundamental shift in how customers could interact with their home manager to get things done around the house: the ability chat via text message.


The first step for me was to rethink the logo. I was excited at the opportunity to make a meaningful mark, partly because I had always had some issues with the original logo which I had inherited. The house symbol was appealing and struck the right friendly tone, but I felt the wrapped text could hurt legibility and overall it didn’t translate particularly well at all to smaller sizes.

After lots of experiments and iteration, in the end I honed it all down to a more minimal combination wordmark that incorporated what I thought were the most successful aspects of the original logo: the house symbol and the typeface.

Carrying over these two familiar elements as part of the new design created continuity and helped things feel new, but still on brand.


In developing the second half of the wordmark - the word ‘NOW’ - I didn’t rely on any existing font, but chose instead to explore a set of custom geometric letterforms that would complement the existing font nicely but provide contrast.

Initially I struggled with how to present the home symbol and where it should go, until it found its natural home as a stand-in for the ‘O’.

These custom letterforms were later expanded into a full family for use in other future projects and initiatives going forward.


Happy Now Brand Identity
Year: 2015
Client: The Happy Home Company

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  • Product
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  • Visuals
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  • Webdev

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