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Happy Admin Tools Redesign

There are three main players who comprise the home services marketplace that the Happy Home Company serves: Homeowners, Service Providers and our own Home Managers who advocate for Homeowners and work to ensure smooth interactions with Service Providers.

I singled out our own internal Home Manager Admin tools as something that - if done right - could really benefit from a robust design solution that enabled Home Managers to fulfill their roles with as little friction as possible.


Admin tools dashboard, Happy Admin Tools Redesign

To help address this problem, I spearheaded a redesign effort to completely overhaul the Happy Home Admin tool suite. I conducted extensive interviews with the main user base – Home Managers – to assess their needs and compile detailed user journey maps, which lead into an ideation phase including low fidelity wireframes and finally a clickable prototype.

One of the biggest problems for Homeowners, Service Providers and Home Managers alike is that when it comes to home services, the interaction can very quickly become quite complex and important details and steps can get overlooked.

Multiply that complexity by an unknown number of customers and individual tasks, and for the Home Mangers, things can get muddled in fairly short order if not very carefully handled.

One core design concept is the timeline. Presenting these complex interactions as a single cohesive story arranged along a timeline helps to improve overall comprehension of the process as a whole, encourages accountability, makes it clear what the next expected step/steps in the process might be, and also allows Home Managers to manage their workload more effectively by addressing each job one step at a time.


The Timeline, Happy Admin Tools Redesign

Each individual step is recorded, providing a coherent history, and users receive clear prompts and simple calls to action to help them complete the next step in the process.


The Timeline steps, Happy Admin Tools Redesign

Since any given job - Bathroom Remodel for example - can contain multiple individual tasks for any number of specialist service providers to complete before the whole job is done, each with its own work order and associated timeline, the whole interaction can get complex fairly quickly.

The Multi-Timeline and Fold Out Timeline views are there to help Home Managers better understand these complex interactions in relation to one another while still maintaining a clear overview of the job as a whole.


Multi-Timeline view, Happy Admin Tools Redesign


Fold out Timeline view, Happy Admin Tools Redesign

The user object for all owners associated with a specific job - Homeowner, Service Provider(s) and Home Manager - are clearly displayed and fully actionable.


Owners panel, Happy Admin Tools Redesign

Another major improvement in this design is a more robust search feature. This allows Home Managers much quicker and easier access to client and job data via an intuitive keyword search and the ability to save searches.


Search, filters and saved searches, Happy Admin Tools Redesign

Happy Admin Tools Redesign
Year: 2016
Client: The Happy Home Company

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  • Product
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  • Visuals
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